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30 Day Character Development: Day 30

Is the character religious? What are their views, and why or why not?
How would they like to die?
Choose a person, historical or fictional, and write about a meeting between them and your character.

• No, he is an atheist. He goes by the old argument that there can be no God after such atrocities that he has seen — seeing people pray for Him before being tortured and returned to the state of hopeless hope.
• Cleanly, quietly and respectfully, preferably keeping his body intact. Also, ideally, remembered, so that people can both learn from his mistakes but also build on his successes.
• Not in detail! But I can do a summary:
Cadaver meets Desmond.
Mild fanboy moment over Desmond.
Cadaver learns Desmond is a bit of an ass.
Both think of excellent excuses each to leave, and do so.

A letter pinned to Cadaver’s tent door

Dear “The Kings”,
Please stop leaving pieces of maize and boxes of Pre-War food in front of my tent. I came back this morning to find an entire crop almost growing in front of my door.
Love from Dr Cadaver Strayer.
P.S. Give them to Arcade instead.

30 Day Character Development: Day 29

Would they be more likely to act for the good of one or the good of many?
Are they manipulative?
Choose a holiday and come up with a potential scenario involving your character and that holiday.

• The good of many, after living 200 years of brutal, utilitarian necessity. As much as he would love to be more compassionate, he realises it’s often just a luxury, but sometimes it gets the better of him and a lot is sometimes wasted, in vain, on a single person.
• Not at all. He’s more likely to -be- manipulated.
• Christmas. A really, really sappy nostalgic Christmas in the Mormon Fort. Cadaver makes several speeches and everyone gets tipsy and falls asleep on each other. Cadaver also loses a shoe when he wakes up and finds it in the Atomic Wrangler.


"Look what Jenny made at the Brass Lantern for me this morning.  It’s coffee, inside of coffee!"

Where. Is. Mine?


"Look what Jenny made at the Brass Lantern for me this morning.  It’s coffee, inside of coffee!"

Where. Is. Mine?


Doc raised his brow. “This all you guys got?” He frowned. He wasn’t trying to be a nice guy, but to send two people off into the Desert with no caps. “Give me half, and try not to throw out your stitches. It’s not an owe,” he stated. “Or charity,” he added quickly. “But what the…

Cadaver went to stand up, feeling better, though refreshed wouldn’t have been a good word to use.
"Thank you, Doc. I don’t think one of us would be making it back to New Vegas if you hadn’t helped." He looked away for a moment. "Obviously it’s your job and I know this gives you pleasure for people to tell you how much your work is appreciated. I am very aware of it." He gave a small smile and his demeanour seemed to be an inoffensive one, in contrast to the small, peculiar speech he just gave in his neutral southern English accent.
"Anyway, thank you. We should be heading off, but if I see you next time, I suppose I’ll try to help out as best as you can."
He felt pleased that he and his own company had been assisted and cured without him costing any of his materials, caps aside, and proceeded to go and leave the tent with a few swift strides as he put his coat back on, presumably waiting for Ash outside.

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30 Day Character Development: Day 28

Do they value faith over reason or vice versa?
Do they believe in an afterlife?
Do they have any habits that reflect their beliefs? (Ex. regular prayer, vegetarianism, etc.)
Do they respect the beliefs of others?

•Reason. He, bitterly, has no room for faith. As a result he refuses to believe in an afterlife.
•He has to restrain himself severely when it comes to speaking to a heavily religious person — he sees them as ignorant idiots.
•Mostly, unless that actually refuse to see beyond their own faith.


Doc watched her, checking for any obvious signs of lingering trauma, as Cadaver addressed her. He glanced over at the ghoul when he referenced payment. “Now,” he said. He was no Good Samaritan. He never did things for free. The most magnanimous he could get was offering a…

"I’ll pay…" He searched himself for a pouch that would be big enough for 100 caps. However, he found a pouch of caps only half as much as the required amount. He looked at Ash.
"Half and half?". He handed the pouch to Doc Church and thanked him for the patching up of both of them.